Improving the Effectiveness of Your Medications

Posted on by Kendrick Smith

Improving the Effectiveness of Your Medications

Through compounding, we can help improve the effectiveness of your medications. The medications we take are produced based on the average person; this is to ensure that they work for as many people as possible because they will generally be mass produced.

However, the problem with this is that, the drugs are not produced with your unique needs in mind, thus it may not be as effective as it should. Nick’s Drugs Store is a pharmacy in Bronx, New York that offers compounding. Through this service, we can actually adjust and alter your meds to better meet your particular needs.

We are able to personalize your medication through a number of different ways, such as:

  • Dosage Levels

    The dosage level of the medications you are taking actually plays a large role in how effective it is. By examining the meds you are taking and adjusting the dosage, we can increase the potency of the medicine you are taking. Since the dosage levels are based on the average person, this is a great way to improve your meds.

  • Ingredient Substitution

    If you are allergic to a particular ingredient or if you cannot take a certain ingredient for whatever reason, this can make it a challenge to take your medications. However, through compounding we have the capability of swapping out ingredients. We can do this and maintain the effects of the medications you are taking.

  • Dosage Form

    Another part of compounding is altering the form of the medication you are taking. We can change your meds into numerous forms such as creams, fluids, capsules, and more. This service is great if you have a difficult time taking certain forms of drugs.

  • Flavors

    If taking your medicine is a challenge because it is just outright gross, then we have the solution for you. We can change and add flavors to your medications. This will not only make it easier for you to take but if you have children, this can make that uphill battle every day when you try to give your kids their meds a lot easier.

Compounding is a great way to improve your meds to ensure you can maintain your health conditions at all times. As a compounding pharmacy in Bronx, New York, we definitely have the services you need to get your medications personalized. Also, if you would like to ask us any questions or if you want to find out more about the other services we are offering, please feel free to visit our website


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