Six Habits that May Be Ruining Your Health

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Health portrays a major role in our life. You cannot accomplish your goals if you do not have good health. Thus, you should never take your health for granted. But did you know that there are everyday habits that may be destroying your health? Nick’s Drug Store , a Pharmacy in Bronx, New York, lists down some of the habits that can put your health at risk.

Unhealthy stress-eating

Stress can do a lot of harm to our body. One of the most common effects of stress is unhealthy overeating. Snacking excessively on junk food can lead to obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and other serious complications. If you are the type of person who overeats to cope with stress, switch to healthy snacks.

Thinking too much

With so many things going on in our life, we cannot help but overthink. But remember that overthinking cannot help you solve your problems. In fact, it can lead to anxiety and chronic stress. This can result in far-reaching impacts on your health, such as high blood pressure, sleep problems, and weak immune system.

Using electronic device near bedtime

Melatonin is responsible for regulating sleep and wakefulness. When you use your smartphone or tablet before going to bed, the light from these devices can suppress your melatonin levels. This can disrupt your quality of rest. Sleep is essential to let our body recuperate. Not getting enough sleep can cause depression, obesity, and other health problems.

Skipping breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It gives you the energy you need to tackle the day ahead. Also, our body needs to make up for the eight hours of sleep without food. According to several studies, not eating breakfast can negatively affect memory, cognition, and mood.

Not washing hands before mealtime

Many of us are guilty of this bad habit. We oftentimes forget or do not bother to wash our hands before having a meal. This especially happens when we have our meal outside. Because you do many things with your hands, they are more likely covered with germs. Make sure that your hands are clean before you eat.

Not drinking enough water

Our body needs at least six glasses of water daily. Putting your body in a state of dehydration can cause kidney malfunction. The kidneys serve as filters. They help you get rid of the toxins found in your body. When your kidneys stop functioning, the toxins will accumulate. Kidney failure ultimately leads to death.

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