Tips for a Healthy and Successful Medication

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 Tips for a Healthy and Successful Medication

A lot of people are guilty of non-adherence to medication prescribed by their physicians. They often associate this medication non-adherence to numerous factors. For instance, people suffering from chronic diseases take two to seven prescriptions every single day. The number of medications to take on a weekly basis alone makes it too difficult to keep track.

Since abusing and misusing medicines would cause adverse effects on individuals, Nick’s Drug Store strongly suggests that we should start learning how to organize our medicines for a better and more successful medication.

  1. Get your physician informed. Your doctor shall always know what you are taking. This includes all the supplements and vitamins you are currently taking. Informing your physician about this would help them point out potential interactions and dangerous reactions which may result from mixing of medications.
  2. Take note of your food and drinks. The food and beverages you consume while you are on medication can lead to negative medication side effects. During your visit to your doctor, make sure to ask him or her which foods and drinks you should keep away from. You have to ask whether your medication would also need to be taken on an empty stomach or not.
  3. Know which medicines will make you sleepy. Some Medication in Bronx, New York may possibly make individuals feel sleepy. Antidepressants, antihistamines, sleeping pills and sedatives are just a few of this type of drugs. When one of these is prescribed to you by your doctor and you need to drive every day, ask him or her when is the best time for taking it.
  4. Understand medication facts. This mandatory rule is oftentimes violated by patients. Unluckily, there are patients who just take whatever is prescribed for them without asking their doctors how they should take medications and why they are taking them. Thus, you should keep in mind to ask your physician questions which would help you understand the facts about your medications.

Nick’s Drug Store cares about customers even after the sale is done. Taking medications after you buy them from our Pharmacy in Bronx, New York is not just a joke. It is a matter which should be taken seriously. Be informed. Know what to do.

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