Tips on Properly Storing your Medications

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Tips on Properly Storing your Medications
Where does one usually store his or her medications at home? In movies, we have seen characters going to their bathroom and taking a medication or two in there. There are also others who store their pills inside a medicine cabinet on the wall of their kitchen. These may seem like a wise choice. But did you know that these places are the worst spots to choose when storing your drugs?

Nick’s Drugs Store, a provider of effective, safe, and trusted Medication in Bronx, New York, will run to you some Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to medication storage.

But before we go to the different tips, we should first discuss the disadvantages of not appropriately stocking up these pills. Why should we store our drugs properly in the first place? What are the consequences if we do not follow the directions of storing these remedies?

  • Incorrect usage
    Having multiple medications can be confusing to any average person. You would have to remember the various instructions your doctor told you. If you do not follow these instructions, you are bound to have medicine overdose or may suffer the consequences of your condition.Some people ask the help of pharmacists, particularly in a compounding pharmacy. Our Compounding pharmacy in Bronx, New York is capable of fusing 2 or more tablets into one. Others just stick to organizing their medications properly.
  • Drug abuse
    Drug abuse has been one of the concerns for both authorities and civilians alike. It is the act of misusing prescription drugs. Misusing drugs encompasses taking in prescription medications in dosages not recommended by their attending physician.If you do not store your drugs properly, other family members may have access to these products and use it inappropriately. Possibilities of guests taking it and abusing your medications may also be high.
  • Damage
    We do not advise patients and their caregivers to store their medications in the bathroom or in the kitchen. This is because these items are sensitive to the temperature of the room. Medicines are not fond of hot rooms, as well as those with high humidity levels.
  • Poisoning
    Children and pets are two living organisms that are close to our lives. We do not want to hurt them and we do not want something bad to happen to these little guys. But accidents do happen when you do not properly store your prescriptions.Both children and pets are extremely curious beings. They put almost everything inside their mouth. An example of which are your medications.

Do you still think proper medication storage is not that important? We hope you change your views on that subject. Alongside buying your prescriptions from our Pharmacy in Bronx, New York, you also need to know how to properly store them. Once you already grasped the basic tricks, it will be easier for you to properly keep your prescriptions.

How to store your medications properly:

  • Be guided by our trusted pharmacists if your purchased medications has great potential for drug abuse
  • Lock up medications that can bring risks of drug abuse
  • Keep medicines in a cool, dry place
  • Keep medicines out of your pet or children’s reach
  • Store your medicines in their original container
  • Label the bottles containing important information
  • Maintain an updated list of your medications
  • Take inventory of your medications at least twice a year
  • Talk to us on how to dispose expired or unwanted medicines

What to avoid when storing your medications:

  • Leaving medications around the house
  • Storing medicines in medicine cabinets inside your bathroom
  • Storing your medicine in your kitchen
  • Sharing your prescription medicines
  • Taking medicines in front of your curious children
  • Leaving expired prescriptions on your medicine cabinet

There are various ways on how to throw your medicines properly. Just read the label and follow the instructions. If your medicines do not have one, you can ask us as now by calling 347-590-1030.

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