How Seniors Can Stay Happy and Healthy During the Easter

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How Seniors Can Stay Happy and Healthy During the Easter

The Lent season has finally started. Some senior citizens who believe in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ must have started with their reflections, prayers, and other activities related to Lent. All sensible sacrifices made during the Lent season will come to an end on the day of Easter. Help your elderly loved one rejoice for Jesus this Easter!

Prepare sumptuous meals for the day.

Since it’s a special occasion, you can prepare three main courses fit for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The dishes you serve to your elderly loved one should be nutritious and of course, delicious. A good choice of fresh fruits, leafy greens and other vegetables, sweet desserts, and savory meat can give your elderly loved one the nutrients he/she needs for the day. Just make sure he/she doesn’t overeat or eat less. You can also serve some biscuits for snacks if ever he/she is hungry before the main meals.

Gather the family around.

For the whole day of Easter, celebrate the holiday with your family. Pray together, eat together, and have fun together. You can prepare Easter games for the children and adolescents. You can have an Easter discussion such as a disposition check on how each of the family member’s life has been for the Lent season. This will surely put a smile on your elderly loved one’s face.

Go to church.

If possible, you can take your elderly loved one to church to hear mass for Easter, especially if he/she is dedicated to his/her religion. After all, Easter is a celebration of Jesus’ sufferings, sacrifices, love, and life. Anyone who believes in this must get in touch with their spiritual selves on Easter.

Buy his/her needs.

You can accompany your elderly loved one to the grocery store, to the mall, or even to the drugstore. What makes a senior citizen happy and healthy on most days, aside from Easter, is receiving what they truly need such as their medications, vitamins, medical supplies, and health care. Your elderly loved one also needs your attention and care. So if you live far from your elderly loved one or if you visit him/her seldom, you can make a special visit this Easter!

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