How to Decrease your Risk of Experiencing a Stroke

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How to Decrease your Risk of Experiencing a Stroke

When it comes to stroke prevention, lifestyle does count. Experts say that leading a low-risk lifestyle such as eating a healthy diet, staying physically fit, and quit smoking can decrease our risk of a stroke. This Stroke Awareness Month, let’s be aware of what puts us at a higher risk for stroke and recognize the symptoms when we have it.

Consume Vegetables, Lots of Them

Those who are at a great risk of developing a cardiovascular disease including stroke should ensure they consume many servings of vegetables every day. It is imperative to concentrate on getting more vitamins B6 and B12 as well as folic acid that can be found in fortified grains and cereals.

Strength your Sleep Hours to Seven

Sleeping for seven hours per night is ideal and reduces your risk of stroke compared to getting 10 hours of sleep per night. And when you snore, you may develop metabolic syndrome, a cluster of health conditions which increases your risk of diabetes, heart disease, and stroke.

Beat Depression

People who are depressed (especially women) are more likely to resort to smoking, eating unhealthy food, and living a sedentary lifestyle. In fact, they may have uncontrolled medical problems such as diabetes and high blood pressure that can increase their risk of stroke. Those who feel persistent loneliness, sadness, guilt or anxiousness should talk to their doctor right away to address their issues.

Address Migraine If you Have It

If you experience headaches that come with blind spots and flashes of light, schedule an appointment with your doctor. This problem is associated with a higher risk of stroke, especially in women. Your physician may prescribe preventive medicines they can buy from a Pharmacy in Bronx, New York or recommend techniques to manage stress.

Control your Anger

No matter how tough it is to remind people in your household to close the front door or pick up their things on the floor, remember to take a deep breath before blowing a gasket. Research has revealed that the anger and aggressiveness can put you at a higher risk of stroke. This has to do with the thickening of the neck arteries.

Know the Symptoms of Stroke

The acronym FAST is a simple way to determine if you or your loved one is experiencing a stroke.

  • F is for face. Check if the person shows an uneven smile, vision disturbance, and facial droopiness.
  • A is for arm. Check if the person experiences numbness and weakness in his arms.
  • S is for speech. When a person has a stroke, his speech will be slurred.
  • T is for Time. When a person experiences a stroke, he needs medical attention right away. If the symptoms are noticeable in him, call 911 right away.

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