How to Spot Fake Medicines in the Market

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Our health should be our number one priority. If we are taking medicines and other prescription drugs, it pays to check whether we are buying authentic brands. There are numerous issues circulating around the internet and the news today about the dispensing of counterfeit medicines.

If you are maintaining your medication, you must be pretty familiar with the packaging, as well as the form and color of the pill that you are taking. Hence, it would be easier for you to spot fake medicines from the authentic ones. But just in case you need some reminders, Nick’s Drugs Store, your one stop Pharmacy in Bronx, New York, will give you some tips on spotting fake medicines:

  • Check the packaging

    If you are getting your medicines from a new pharmacy or through online pharmacies, it would be best to thoroughly check the packaging. It is your medicines that we are dealing with; thus, you should make sure you are getting nothing short of the best.

    One way of checking the medicine is through its packaging. You have to check whether the edges of the pills are sealed properly. If it chips off easily, there is a chance that such prescription drug might be of low quality.

    Moreover, you should also check the pattern of the packaging. If there has always been a distinct mark on the package of the medicine, this could be an important indicator of the pharmaceutical company’s trademark. If you cannot spot any corrugation in the seal or that distinct mark, you must double check it with your nearest pharmacy.

    Your medicine or pill color can also give you an inkling of whether it is a counterfeit medicine or not. If the color of the pill is a shade darker or lighter compared to the other batches of medicines produced by the same brand, then you should not take such matters lightly.

  • Suspicious looking medicines

    Even if you have memorized all the nooks and crannies of your maintenance medication, things can still go out of hand. If you think that the prescription drugs that you have are not what it really looks like, you can have it tested.

    When your medicines are quite pale or quite bulky compared to the other sizes of the same products, there could be a possibility that it might contain ingredients other than what is essentially needed. It could contain talcum powder which can be dangerous for your health.

Have you encountered some fake medicines yet? What were your observations in comparison to the original form of the tablet? Let us know your thoughts about selling counterfeit medicines. Let us spread such awareness in order to help save lives.

For more information about counterfeit drugs, you can visit us at Nick’s Drugs Store, a trusted name in Medication in Bronx, New York. For queries, you can visit our website or call us at 347-590-1030.

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